Shannon Newton
Shannon is the founder and foundation of Rebel Unit. He has 20 years experience leading creative teams, designing and building interesting things and meaningful narratives.

Sam Barber
Creative Director
Sam is Rebel Unit's resident visionary. He has worked as a playwright and director in Chicago and New York, and directed numerous documentaries. He holds a Master of Science degree in Motion Graphics from DePaul University.
Mariko Tamaki
Mariko joined the Rebels with a passion for great dialogue and compelling stories. She has over 15 years of professional creative and commercial writing experience. She is published with DC Comics, Groundwood Books, and Penguin.
Patrick Moore
Operations Manager
Patrick is Rebel Unit's problem solver and voice of reason. With a broad range of knowledge in the production, post-production, and IT world, he is effective and efficient in process improvement.
Jeffrey Knapp
Sr. Animator
Jeff has over 25 years of experience with digital media, visual effects, motion graphics and post production, working with IntroVision Systems, Quad Graphics and Screenlife LLC. He has a BFA in Film and Visual Effects from The Art Center College of Design.
Autumn Harrison
Technical Director
Autumn brings the insight of her theater and animation background to every project, bringing creative's visions to life. Before making the bold but flattening move to 2.5d motion graphics, Autumn worked in 3d modeling and design.
David Alex Talbott
As the most recent addition to the animation team, David approaches every new project with excitement and enthusiasm. His lifelong love and appreciation of film, animation, and special effects culminates in a devotion to produce engaging and entertaining work.