Star Wars featuring Harrison "Fort"

Not a Fortuitous Day

Fort-score and seven years ago, Harrison Fort was looking for a home. All the advice concurred: 'Fortune favors the bold, so go forth and conquer, and may the fort be with you.' Entering the Betty Fort Clinic, he exclaimed "Who forted!" The group surrounding him glared; the clinic was the only affortable housing in San Francisco. Quickly realizing that fort sight is 20/20, he chose to just live in his Fort Mustang. And away he drove into the sunset.

Peanut Butter Cup Taste Test

On this fine Tuesday at Rebel Unit HQ, we did a lil taste test of three major peanut cup brands: Reese's, Justin's, and Trader Joe's. The verdict?

Reese's taste the most savory and have a little bit of an artificial after taste.

Justin's are bland... the chocolate has the least flavor and the peanut butter inside is minimal. 

Trader Joe's are too tiny though the most flavorful and the sweetest. 

Basically, no cup lives up to perfection, but if you are going for an all around great sweet tooth fix, we suggest the Trader Joe's variety. At a mid-range price and all natural ingredients, it is delicious and has a well balanced flavor. 

The Archetype Shortcut in Brand Marketing

When time is short, the use of powerful archetypes are the key to storytelling.  Often in our business, we only get a few precious seconds to communicate messages.   Archetypes are a shortcut. By using characters that most people generally recognize, the audience makes assumptions that move the story forward.  They see "The Fool" and know the character just wants to enjoy life avoiding the worries of others.  We know this because long before and after Carl Jung pioneered the idea of Archetypes, we had seen this one countless times in literature, movies etc.  Wise storytellers use the Archetypes whenever possible.

 Taken from the whiteboard halls of the Rebel Unit Media offices on a fine spring day...

Taken from the whiteboard halls of the Rebel Unit Media offices on a fine spring day...

Behind the Scenes: A Look at Storyboards

Have you seen the new FlameStower commercial produced by Rebel Unit Media? It's pretty awesome, check it out!

Here's a look at the storyboard behind the ad. Storyboards are key for giving the client the full picture and letting the crew know what to expect on set. 

 Credit: Steve Rolston

Credit: Steve Rolston

As you can see, the storyboard lines up with the actual video almost to a T!

Why is the cost of producing video so @#*S% expensive?

Where does the money go?  Sometimes I am surprised myself when I look back at the time and money we spent per project.  Here is a quick breakdown of the percentages on a typical Rebel Unit Media project.  The interesting surprise here is that creative (Idea generation along with script and storyboard) are nearly 50% of the time/money cost in a project.  Anecdotally, I would have expected the skew to be more 30-70 or 40-60 skewed towards most time spent actually producing the content.  The moral of the story...Good ideas are hard to generate (and expensive!)