Is This Work? [A.K.A. My first weeks of being the Creative Intern]

Interning at Rebel Unit definitely blurs the line between work and play. There’s a mix of productivity coupled with unusual bursts of conversation (bizarre adventures, desires for an office kitty, strange obsessions with sad clowns, etc.). Hilarity abounds in this office.

Let’s just take a minute to discuss the snacks. Chocolate? Fruit centered, peanut butter, or just regular? Check. Nuts? Sure, here are 5 different kinds. Tea? You got it, iced or hot.

Oh and yes, I do real work here too and it’s an excellent, collaborative effort.

 (As the creative intern, I create storyboard panels based on scripts. It is a process that involves throwing ideas back and forth with the creative team, and eventually finalizing a client-ready product.)

There is so much to learn and experience here at Rebel Unit!