What's In Your Bag? Russell Wilkins, Creative Manchild

1 - Trusty Sketchbook: Perfect for sketching stick figures with bewbs.

2 - My weapons of choice: Prismacolor Carmine Red Pencils and Warm Grey Tonal Markers

3 - Game of Thrones Spoiler Alert: Dumbledore kills Luke Skywalker with a butterknife.

4 - My Chinatown Aviators: 12 bucks, had em for years.

5 - Custom Made Towelette Laptop Case: I should start an etsy shop called “Jank”

6 - My Leatherman: aka Leatherperson. Got it for my 12th birthday, carry it everywhere.

7 - The Source of Libby’s Envy: 13 inch retina Macbook.

8 - Ricola Cherry cough drops: Fresh breath and no lung hacking? Win win!

9 - MEElectronic Earbuds: Perfect for blocking out screaming babies on BART.