What's In Your Bag? Shannon Newton, CEO/Sales

1 - Laptop:  Managing the Business and Sales without a designated desk,  70% of my work takes place here.

2 - Bluetooth Headset:  Talking, and also shutting out the world when necessary.  

3 - Emergency Phone Battery:  Running low in the middle of a client call sucks.

4 - Cable/adapter organizer:  Losing cables is frustrating.

5 - Business Cards:  Always have something physical to leave-behind.

6 - iPad Mini:   Bigger screen for showing work, stylus for notes and sketching ideas.

7 - Notebook:  My favorite tool for taking notes is still pen and paper.

8 - Sunglasses:  I lose one pair once per month on average.

9 - Business Checks:  Some vendors prefer checks over credit.