What's In Your Bag? Libby Cooper, Associate Art Director

1 Whole Foods Receipt. Whole Foods just opened on my block... dangerous.

2 XL Circle Sunglasses. One of three pairs I own. My outfit-of-the-day determines the size of the glasses.  

3 Macaron Shaped Lip Balm. One "O" because it's French, duh. 

4 Doublestep Foot Treatment. For all the ladies out there that wear cute little shoes with no (or tiny) socks, this stuff prevents blisters! Big thanks to Connie Wang.

5 Bobby Pin. A given.

6 BTS SkyTrain Card. Lucky metro card from my trip to Bangkok, Thailand. 

7 Key. Mini Cooper keychain with the British Flag in pink and teal on the roof.

8 Micron Pen. Yes.

9 Punch Cards. These restaurant frequent buyer cards always get me to come back again!

10 Headphones. Cheap but attractive headphones with a replaced Beats by Dre cord for a longer shelf life and $$$ savings. All you need is a soldering gun, mini screw driver, and YouTube.

11 Clare Vivier Clutch. Suede pouch for when I want to go out to lunch without my handbag. 

12 Black Leather Wallet. My mother's before I snagged it.

13 Sugar Lip Treatment by Fresh. Use the Honey tint for subtle color. 

14 Key Part II. It's a strawberry printed key, what's not to love!

15 Mini Moleskin Duo.  I am obsessed with tiny notebooks.