What's In Your Bag? Autumn Harrison, Animator/TD

1. Makeup bag filled with too much makeup

2. Adorable Hobo wallet with a kiss lock which is my FAVE

3. Some of my sunglasses - I have some for driving and some for wearing. I'm a bit obsessed. 

4. iPhone - impossible to live without 

5. Kindle Paper White - I love reading, and I have a little notebook in the case to jot down to-do lists and reminders. 

6. We'll call this area the "mom kit" - bandaids, advil, and tide to go pen for spills. 

7. Tokyomilk tin - filled with mini rollerball perfumes

8. Various glosses and lipsticks

9. Lotion - I am obsessed with having soft hands, I re-lotion every time I wash my hands.