Idea to Avatar


 Rebel Unit has a kick ass team and to best show off the unique bunch, we needed a unique way to spread the word. 

The answer was the avatar. 

The Rebel Avatar was born from a business card discussion. The business card is a vessel of information, sent out into the world to spread far and wide. It generates new business, so to make ourselves more memorable, we went the most literal route: we put our faces on the cards. Over time, the business card avatar transformed into the general Rebel Avatar.

I mean, who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned cartoon of themselves?

As with anything awesome, these avatars involve a little elbow grease. Here is the three step process:


1. Inspiration! Each avatar must follow an army theme with a touch of whimsey. Each subject must brainstorm their character’s persona. 

2. Props! A prop or two is chosen if the subject wants to enhance their avatar’s character.

3. Pictures! The subject sends photos of their face, full body in the desired position, and outfit reference. These are handed to our amazing illustrator Leo Agustin.