Playlists Part 1: Libby Cooper

My playlist is very experimental. Most of the songs are not lyrically heavy and instead innovative with sound and rhythm. While working, I do not like getting caught up in words, especially when managing projects that involve a lot of email writing. This music is also great for illustrating and getting in the zone. Enjoy! 

Image courtesy of Libby Cooper

1. James Blake -CMYK
2. Grimes -Genesis 
3. Four Tet -Swimmer 
4. Bonobo -Kiara
5. Flying Lotus -Zodiac Shit
6. Tame Impala -Be Above It
7. alt-J -Matilda 
8. Niki & The Dove -The Fox
9. High Contrast -The First Note Is Silent 
10. Grizzly Bear -A Simple Answer
11. Flight Facilities -Clair De Lune (feat. Christine Hoberg)