What's In Your Bag? Patrick Moore, Operations Manager

This is pretty much my stock bag. As the resident fixer in the office, tools and gadgets get added and removed as needed.

  1. Skullcandy 50/50 earbuds with in-line controls
  2. 3rd generation iPad and Timbuk2 case
  3. Leatherman PST I've had since I was a kid
  4. Precision screwdriver set
  5. Reusable bag
  6. Logitech HBS-700 stereo bluetooth headset
  7. Full set of Rebel Unit business cards
  8. 0.38 and 0.5 Pilot G2 pens for fine lines
  9. Fine and Ultra Fine Sharpies
  10. Studio Neat Cosmonaut for the iPad
  11. 3-mode head lamp for working in the dark
  12. Not Pictured: Timbuk2 D-Lux Messenger Bag

SHUT THE Front Door {balancing STYLE and SUBSTANCE}

There is a struggle to find balance between holding audience interest and delivering details in a Creative project.  Too much pizzazz & too little information?  Appealing but unsatisfying (think- Candy bar).  Flip the bias and ...  ZZZZzzzz (Dried kale)

How to create the candy-like kale chips that everyone wants to munch?  You CAN be the perfectly balanced Skirt-short.    One approach we take is to use “CBL (Cold but Loving)" eyes.  Someone who hasn’t seen the work at comes early but not too early, to give constructive feedback.  Instruct them no nitpicking, only holistic evaluation.  Try “CBL” on your next project.


Thriving in (not surviving) the Creative Process

The creative process:  Mysterious and alluring but frustrating as hell.   Like a good relationship, the key is understanding that it has phases and the pitfalls are in the transitions.

Avoid danger zones by recognizing magic is TRUE CENTER.  Getting stuck in analysis-paralysis?  Forget gathering more knowledge or coming up with more ideas.  Instead, start imagining how you might implement the current ideas.  Same goes for deciding on the winning concept, choose to gain more understanding over more ideas or how to implement.  Ditto for the dreaded feedback-black-hole.  Revisit ideas to push things along.   Shoot for the center.